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Personalized Health Coaching

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Through one on one sessions, I work with clients to find solutions to their dietary and healthy lifestyle challenges. For many people, the motivation to make a change comes from either a desire for weight loss or a medical diagnosis. For true success, one doesn’t need a diet, one needs a lifestyle change. I help clients lose weight and take charge of their health in the real world, not with juice cleanses, prepackaged meals or with questionable medications or injections. Whether it is through nutritional coaching, a pantry makeover, meal planning or cooking lessons, I can help you reach your wellness goals.

There are no contracts. I work with clients to support them through their journey, whether it is one session or six. I want my clients to come back each week, every other week or once a month, because they feel supported and feel like they are making progress. Every person is in a different stage, therefore there is no one set amount of sessions that is right for everyone.

Let’s Work Together

Karen Carlson, Certified Health Coach

7334 Girard Avenue, Suite 203

La Jolla, California 92037

Tel: 858-454-9045

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